E7 Element 7 Light Cleaner 1L E7003 (DC)

New E7 Element 7 Light Cleaner 1L E7003 (DC)
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Element 7 Light Cleaner 1L E-7003


Element 7 Light Cleaner is suitable for the regular maintenance and cleaning of varnished wooden floors. It restores and nourishes at the same time.

Before using this cleaner, thoroughly damp clean the floor with a wrung out cotton flat mop head using only warm water. Light Cleaner is a light cleaning fluid recommended to be used once a month, but no more than a maximum of once a week. 3 caps of cleaner to 1 litre of warm water. Using a cotton headed flat mop, wipe a thin coat of the cleaning solution over the floor and leave to dry.

Warning: Keep out of children's reach. Do not drink nor inhale.

Avoid contact with eyes.


Can sizeProduct size = 1 litres
CoverageCoverage = dilutes 1:40 in water